Sabrina Gschwandtner, author of the brilliant book and magazine series 'Knit Knit' has asked us to help her with an investigation. 

Does anyone remember anything about the manufacture of 'Sticky Bombs' in World War 2?

These pictures and the caption below are the only material Sabrina has on this subject. Sabrina is trying to find any of the women who did this knitting. She wants to know where they did the knitting, for how long, and how they got hired (or was it a volunteer effort?). She would like to interview them about the experience. 

"Women war workers fit knitted woolen jackets onto the glass flasks of sticky bombs at a factory workshop somewhere in Britian. The women including Mrs B Colman (nearest to the camera) and Miss H Brearley (centre), fasten the jackets by means of a draw string around the neck of the flask.  The woolen jackets will soon be coated with adhesive to enable them to stick to their target before detonation."

If anyone has information could they please contact PYF or 

Sabrina Gschwandtner, 526 West 26th Street number 1022, New York NY 10001   (718)812-0446