I've noticed since I was a child, that some men, display their last meal on their chests. Women do it too,  but mostly it is the trait of the type of men I know.   I am not dissing them as dirty or clumsy - quite the opposite; men with dinners displayed on their chests are content and thinking to high purpose. He who is well fed is never angry; until he discovers a collection of holes down the front of this best cashmere.  

Moth larvae eat protein fiber, especially if it's greasy. That's why we get holes in our knitwear. The cashmere jumper pictured here provided the larvae with a delicious meal of goat wool, gravy, coffee and biscuit residue. 

Holes continually appear on this garment, so I thought it easier to make the darns a feature. I worked them  in primary colours.  To my delight, I saw the said jumper this weekend, in all it's glory, showered in croissant crumbs, now camouflaged in the darning 'design'.  This man no longer looks like a dribbler, he displays decoration.

Gucci have announced darning is 'in' for men this season.