Sometimes you have to stick at something for a long time before clarity comes.
At the end of day 6, Celia tried on the jumper that she has been so lovingly darning and "OH! It's a man's jumper!"
We never expected that. We think the sweater belonged to a man named Laars

Laars has been a wood cutter since he was a child. His father and grandfather were wood cutter's before him. It's a lovely job in the summer, but blisteringly cold in the winter. His mother knitted this jumper for him when he started working in the forest full time.
Laars has held a flame for the pig farmer's daughter, since before he had the jumper. She would come and walk the pigs in the forest, and share her brown cheese, pickled herring and chrisp bread with him.
Then she moved away. Not long after, there was a dreadful night where Laars realised what he'd missed out on, and getting a bit too drunk he got his sweater stuck in the bark shredding machine. Why didn't he just ask her out? What an idiot...