Spanner is not a puppy any more. His teeth are strong and sharp and here he his, tucking into a treat after Sunday Lunch. 
Re-cycled Sari - Yarn is spun from ripped up saris, by women in Nepal. The yarn is incredably tough, being made mostly of silk. The strength of this multi coloured yarn, makes it perfect for teasing Spanner, by crocheting around his bone. 
Spanner gets confused when he meets one of my crocheted bones. He can smell scores of ladies going about their daily lives in India, cured bone and me. 
After struggling to pick the first holes, Spanner then gets very excited and takes the bone off on his own to spend the entire afternoon sharpening his teeth and licking his lips. 
Sari Yarn is 50p/10g and cured bones aprox £3 from your local pet shop.