As the first frost came this morning, I was doing a bit of filing, and found this clipping from The Argos, of when I was asked to present a pair of knitted Ice Skates to British Ice Skating Champion Robin Cousins two years ago.  I've never told anyone this story because having stayed up all night knitting the seaquined size 9 skates, I had a fuzzy head, and I'm not sure if it really happened at all. Dressed in a purple polar neck, Robin cut a length of purple ribbon, to open the Creative Stitches Show, which displayed all the costumes he had ever worn, cutting a dash across the ice.  When he cut the ribbon, all the ladies clapped and a large appliqued Venus Fly Trap despensed some peanuts just next to us.  I gave him the skates, and he said 'thank you' and then put his arm around me and we had a little smile for the camera.