There perhaps isn't a lead singer in the world who has the kind of following that Dave Gahan of Depeche Mode enjoys in Russia. Jeremy Deller and Nick Abrahams have made a film about Depeche Mode fans, by travelling from Europe to North America, to Mexico and Russia. 
In Russia 9th May is Victory Day, a national holiday, but the date coincides with Dave Gahan's birthday, so it is also known throughout the country as 'Dave Day'. There is beautiful footage of young Muscovites, joined in a mass sing a long to Depeche Mode songs. To be able to gather and to celebrate their favourite band, provided some kind of emotional release after the hardships of communism. 
In Eastern Berlin and across FUSSR, there is no band merchandise. The posters come from the walls as soon as they go up. Fans work hard to get the Depeche Mode look. They get together to make badges,  T-shirts, cartoons and shrines. Depeche Mode has become a religion and a hobby.
Even if you are not a DP fan we strongly recommend this film. It has had it's first screening at BFI and should be out on Mute soon.