Commiserations to Miss Rosie Cooper who has had a difficult week organising a Tribute to Bear Costumes in Contemporary Visual Arts, due to be shown in the  New York City Art Parade, to-day Saturday 6th September. 
Rosie made bear suits and a poster in plenty of time to be shipped off to an address in New York. Two models were waiting to wear them for the said event. To Rosie's horror, the bear costumes did not arrive. Telephoning the airport, Rosie discovered they had been seized by customs and she was expected to pay ransom money of two hundred pounds, for no apparent reason. Haggling in her best English Rosie accent, she reduced the ransom and persuaded her friend to waste an day at the airport waiting for the bears to be released. 
The bears were set free last night, and then Rosie received the sad news that the Art Parade has been cancelled due to a hurricane. 
Prick Your Finger is saddened by this news, but delighted to pay tribute to bear costumes in contemporary visual arts, right here.