Louise has been knitting a parable of planting seeds on a stoney road. For a while, an image of a river and a church was lurking in the front lobe of her head.  This week, not able to resist it any longer, out came her needles and she clicked out a banner.

There is a river leading to a church with Dda / Drwg written either side of the cross. Dda and Drwg is the Welsh for good and bad. 

"Dda and Drwg sums up going to church. The church I grew up with was a bit sin heavy, so I added some flames down the bottom, and an occult symbol up the top, which I spotted on a church in france. The sign is a triangle with an eye going through it, but I think it might be a symbol that Christianity picked up from druidism."

We love Louise's banner. It is a calming influence on our studio as we try to plant seeds on all the little stoney paths we walk on, and learn new stitches along the way.