And at last! The evidence that the knitted sheep auction really happened and raised a staggering £1170 for Farm Aid.
I was Bo-peep, with a bone crook made by the local bank manager, and a dress and corset I made from a mosquito net and some old face towels.  I hold aloft 'The Champion" who was bought by Ray, who has spent his entire career moving Rough Fell Sheep from farms to auction houses, but had never actually owned any livestock of his own, until Adam slammed the hammer and I ran across the pen, to unite sheep with shepherd.  Ray had seen the champion sheep earlier in the day when he came to view the lots and knew he wanted it. Leaving his wife in the cafe, he came to the auction and waited for his sheep to come up.....which it didn't, until right at the very end, when he learned it was the champion, and just had to go for it and keep bidding. Ray was delighted with his purchase. He then introduced the sheep to his wife, who was not so sure, and affectionately said " What the hell did you buy that for Ray?"
Well done all knitters and bidders. I really hope it happens again next year.