Last Saturday, our friend Maggie invited us to spin at the Mudchute City Farm. 
Mudcute is the biggest of all the city farms and can be found on the Isle of Dogs.  The animals were happy and so were the farmers, epitomised by bags of healthy fleece to spin and a delicious lunch, with summer pudding, and cream!
Our favourite photo is this Oxford Down lamb on the right, kissing a Wiltshire Horn lamb on the left. We had never met Oxford Down before.  Oxford Down is the biggest of all the Down breads, with big sturdy shoulders and a wide head. The fleece is short, but very fine quality and grows close to the body, and up their legs with an impressive 'top-knot' on their head.  
The children at the farm helped us card and spin while the horses neighed in the sunshine, and we couldn't believe we were in London! 
Thank you Maggie, and thank you Mudchute.