Prick Your Finger is proud to present a new range of beige wool, hand dyed in the English Lake District by Diana. 
For those of you who haven't met Diana, she is actually my mother. 
Diana has dedicated her long summer evenings to picking leaves and flowers, to create this full beige range.
Working clockwise from top left we have, the yarn in it's original state, yarn dyed with huckleberries grown by a Russian,  foxgloves with a copper mordent, mediaeval blue comfrey with copper mordant,  mediaeval yellow comfrey with a copper mordant, rose petals from a mediaeval courtyard, and finally in the middle, ivy from an 18th century kitchen garden wall.
Once looking at the rainy landscape, Diana said there are many shades of grey and now she has proved there are many shades of beige to be found in plants, and plants to be found in many places.
 We know it is only a matter of time before she hits on the bright colours! 
Hand Dyed Beige Range is very reasonable at 50p/10g.