When I was 19, I met a fortune teller who gasped and said " Someone is coming from America!"
Well this must be who! HA HA!
On October 8th, Michael Swaine will be coming to stay at Prick Your Finger. Michael is an artist and lives in California. Michael has a treadle sewing machine, which he wheels onto the streets of San Fransisco and fixes holes in things.  Now he is coming to darn for us. 
Michael will be here for one day and one  night, so we must make the most of him.  Michael enjoys mending holes because holes, as we know, have interesting stories. If you have a hole or a darned hole with an interesting story, then please tell us and we can arrange for Michael to fix it for you in October. Michael will stay with us and then in the morning he will come to your house. He will knock on your door and you will answer and show him a hole. He will ask you how the hole came about and then he will fix it for you. 
Please tell us about your holes.
October is an important time for darning, so if there are too many holes and Michael can't fix us all, then we will have a darning meeting and put everything right.  Michael will be talking about the holes he has fixed at the Knitting and Ditching show at Alley Pally 9th-13th October.