You thought Wensleydale was a cheese - well it is, and it is also a name of a Dale in Yorkshire where these sheep come from. 
The Wensleydale Longwool is the rastafarian of all sheep breeds, and they also come in black. Their long curls give a soft, silky yarn which is great for socks, security blankets and other special things. 
Not many people know that the Wensleydale can be traced back to one stud of a ram called "Blue Cap."
 In 1838, a dishy Leicester ram mated with a pretty Teeswater ewe, and Blue Cap was born. He grew up to be very handsome with blue pigmentation on his head and ears, which his breed still has today. Under his curls, he was big and tough, with little fat, and he started to climb fells to mate with Swaledale, Blackface, Rough Fell, Cheviot and Dalesbreed ewes, providing them with ewe lambs that would grow into heavy milkers, with little blue ears..... 
Wensleydale yarn is £8 for 100g, and we have it in pink, blue and red.