Kate Talbot's, Beans, Ketchup and Marmite have been the most popular show we have ever had.

We watch faces light up through the window, people jump with delight, and kids have actually banged fists on the glass and shouted 'Yes!' And then we kill the joy when we tell them the crocheted Marmite costs £320.

Kate counts her ours of work and pays herself a professional wage of £10 per hour. We add 20% on top as our commission. 

Knitting will probably always be boxed as a lesser art. Knitting is loved but it is seldom rewarded. Skills take years to perfect, and hand knitting is one of the slowest of mediums. As the Spanish knitting shop below says " All you knit is love"....

Like or hate marmite, you'll love our window display.

Louise found a lecture by Dave Hickey about the subject of selling without selling out.