Thank you to the industrious Hyperbolic Crochet Reefers who made Saturday so enjoyable. 
The Hyperbolic Reef Project will be shown at the Royal Festival Hall over the summer. The deadline for first entries is looming, but there is still time. If you wish to make hyperbolic crochet, just ring or e-mail PYF  and we can tell you more. 
Here shows the results of Saturday's work. We have been using plastic bags and scraps of yarn which would otherwise gone to land fill. 
There were so many of us that we spilled out into the street and, whoops! into the pub! (Sorry I couldn't fit you all on this collage)
We are just one of the groups working on the reef and hoping it is going to be HUGE!

Keep up the good work, and for more info about hyperbolic space, coral reefs and the universe, go to www.theiff.org