Harriet's birthday is always a joy to celebrate, and her 30th was no exception. 
FOOD Theme! 
When I think of Harriet I think of colours and smiles and dinner with pudding. 
In fact I think of dinner with pudding when I think of all of the people I love. 
Louise and I ended up going as the food we really are.
I don't know why my life is so connected with sheep. Rachael means 'Little Lamb' in Hebrew, and I am born under aries, the ram. I have curly thick hair, knocked knees and a hard stare when I want to use it. I grew up in the lake district where sheep live, and somehow I managed to devote most of my life to working with wool. I found some horns when I was out walking the fells and they fit perfectly. I want to be a Swaldale / Herdwick cross. Swaldale because I'm blonde and Herdwick because I get homesick.  Sue came over and painted my legs and arms and bottom and face, brown, and I made this hot pant jump suit in fleece. It was very comfortable, and then when I was at the party I realised that when I'm in a noisy room, my voice annoyingly sounds like a bleating sheep. 
Our dear welsh Louise however, is a leek. She stands tall, for green things, and has roots. 
Harriet is a bag of chips and when it comes to fancy dress, we are all chips off her block. Rx